How To Unlock Your Car In Less Than 30 Seconds If You Ever Lose Your Keys

A Breathtaking Scene Of A Dog Escape From The Owner And Runs Down Busy Streets Of Mexico City

Rapist Collapsed When He Learned What He May Have Contracted From His Victim

By video , A 74_years_old man brutally beaten by a pickup driver with a small club

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it's all about puppies


A dog breaks free from its owner and takes off running down the busy streets of Mexico City. The intense, high-speed chase will have you on the edge of your seat until the conclusion. There’s nothing quite as scary as your dog running out into traffic, but here we have a happy ending. At one …

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Stay strong, live long


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Image Credit: Greater Manchester Police   A man in Britain was convicted of raping a sleeping woman and given a jail sentence of five years and four months. Recently, that man, 27-year-old Richard Thomas, was told that he could have contracted HIV from her!     This was not Thomas’ first brush with the law, …

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